Welcome to Pontoon Porch!

Bring the luxuries from home right down to the waters with our product. A cross between a house boat and a pontoon boat allows Pontoon Porches to provide a superior level of comfort. Pontoon Porch Llc. Rental base is located just west of the Monona Terrace off of John Nolen Dr. This rental service is perhaps one of the most innovating boat products to come along in the past 25 years. Pontoon Porch offers maximum stability while gliding through the water which allows guest from all walks of life to enjoy this unique boating experience.


"We had a great time on a beautiful September evening. Many thanks to our outstanding captain and his wonderful first mate." - Teresa

"Thank you Joe for a wonderful evening on your beautiful Kim Ellen! You are the best captain around! Can't wait to do this again!" - Bridget

"Saturday's Bach Party on the Pontoon was AWESOME! Thanks for the great time!!!" - Kelly