About Pontoon Porch

Experience our one-of-a-kind boat ride

The Pontoon Porch Experience

Pontoon Porch is a floating two-level boat with a screened in porch and enough space for up to 30 passengers. Relax onboard in our comfortable porch furniture listening to your favorite music with our sound sytem (CD or iPod/MP3). We also have a fully functioning bathroom with sink and toilet.

The creator and owner of Pontoon Porch Joe Shulla says, “My boats provide something for everyone.  If you love the outdoors this, is perfect.  If you prefer to stay home on your porch without the bugs, this is perfect too.”

That’s what is so great about this experience: it is safe for children, wheelchair accessible, and dog friendly so everyone can have a chance to get out on the water and absorb what nature has to offer.

Scenic City Views

Experience Madison from a different perspective about our floating retreat. Enjoy views of the city and water.

Onboard Grill

Bring your own food and drinks aboard our boat and enjoy complementary use of our gas grill!

Sunset Cruises

Our evening ride is a great way to experience the breathtaking sunsets our city has to offer!